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Time for a re-brand?

There are many reasons why businesses may need to consider a re-brand. Very often a name, logo or particular marque can seem a good idea at the time when a business is formed, only to create issues further down the road.

Branding (and marketing in general) can also be an area which suffers from the fact that “everyone is a branding expert… : ) " Business owners and senior teams create new names or logo ideas without understanding the strategic implications.

That said, even when a brand is expertly conceived, sometimes there is still a need adjust – the world does change over time!

So, if you are considering whether you need to change your brand, here are 4 questions to consider. If you answer yes to any one of these questions, then a re-brand may be the right path for your business.

  1. The identity was poorly conceived​ - Maybe the name wasn’t a good choice, or the brand image isn’t aligned to the businesses core values. There are many examples of this which can typically be diagnosed by brand perceptions, disappointing sales and reduced customer interest etc.

  2. The identity is obsolete ​- Markets are not static, and context can change over time. Customer tastes change, competitors leave and enter the market. As a result, even brands which have been successful can become ineffective.

  3. The identity appeals to a limited market​ - Sometimes brands work well but within a limited (or declining) market and there may be a need to change the identity to reach a new customer base.

  4. The identity execution is not contemporary​ or tired - Even a brand that is still relevant and meaningful may appear old fashioned. This may for example be to changing technology or industry innovations. When the identity remains the same for years, brands can also become boring to consumers and fail to attract attention.

Gray Manning have significant experience creating and managing brands. Whilst we love to help businesses develop exciting brands, our starting position is often to try not to rebrand. Whilst there be many compelling reasons why a change is needed, there will also be many positive things to consider such as distinctive brand assets, reputation etc, which have been built up over the years. There is also the cost to consider…

So, before you talk to a design agency, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss a strategic approach to your re-brand.

i) Adapted from, Building Strong Brands, David A. Aaker

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