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How agencies can maximise your team

Most marketers in Further Education will tell you that they don’t have enough resources; this can mean budget, people and time. They will also tell you everyone is a critic!

However, there are ways in which you can maximise your team, to work more effectively ,and the payoff is that you will likely save money too.

Some marketing teams shy away from using agencies, be it a feeling of lack of control or something else, but there is nothing to be feared. With a clear brief, a good relationship and trust, an agency can execute your plans efficiently and effectively.

In my whole 24 years working in marketing, from being in a tiny team of one to much larger teams across different sectors, I have engaged with agencies. When asked why, my response ultimately always remains the same “because they are specialists in what they do’.

Working with an agency, be it on buying media, supporting your PR or helping to develop key messages, agencies can do one thing; they can stand back and take an objective view of who you are, what you offer and to whom.

They are also on top of their game, or so they should be, to offer you knowledge, insight and experience because they work with other businesses too. Some will be the same as you, some not, but that gives them the ability to seek out new and innovative ways to present your product or service to your target audiences. They can even help you identify new markets if that’s an area you wish to pursue.

Your team, no matter how good they are, can be limited by what’s happening in the business. Working with a good agency means that you have access to a diverse skill set. They can provide support to your team, help upskill and make you aware of new developments in strategy and technology.

By using a great agency, you can develop and empower your team and achieve better results.

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